2017 “Wet Ash” in Ebedi Review (Print)

2017For What Are Butterflies Without Their Wings?” in Brittle Paper (Winner of the Inaugural Nyanza Literary Prize)

2017 Onesies Never Worn in theMagunga

2017A Lamu Affair” in Love Stories From Africa Anthology, Brittle Paper

2016 “The Transfiguration” in Harvard’s Transition Magazine (Print) Republished online by La Shamba, 2017

2016A Day, A Span” in Entropy: A Story in 100 Words

2015Father’s Shame” in DNB Stories

2015Medicine” in Afridiaspora

2015In the Name of the Father” in Story Zetu

2015 “The Curse of Odino” in KUT Anthology: Issue II.



2017Jagged Fragments of a Father” in theMagunga

2017The Ghost of Nina Simone; Or the Remains of an Existence Spiraling Towards the Nadir” in Cosmonauts Avenue.

2017This Is How It Ends” Nonfiction in theMagunga; Listed in African Literary Digest: 14 Must-Reads from February, 2017 by Brittle Paper



2017 A Swarm of Writers Descend on Kampala in This Is Africa

2017 A Review of Zakes Mda’s Little Suns in Wawa Book Review

2016 Love in the Time of War; A Review of Boy, Interrupted by Saah Millimono on Magunga Bookstore