If you are a writer in need to a second pair of eyes on that short story or manuscript before sending it out or publishing, please get in touch and let me know a bit about the work. If it is something I can help you work on, we’ll have an initial free consultation to talk about it further. Then we’ll discuss rates, timelines and expectations.¬†All rates are customised to cater to the different scope and needs of each project.

I also take on formal/legal editorial work on a freelance basis having previously worked as an Editorial Assistant at Practical Law, which is the part of the legal publishing division at Thomson Reuters UK. I have also done copyediting work for the International Bar Association.

Additionally, as a magazine editor working with both Panorama: The Journal of Intelligent Travel and Lolwe, I can provide you with the guidance to ensure that your submission stands out from the rest in the slush pile and to help reduce that rejection rate. If interested, please contact me and I will assist for a small fee.